Disorganising Metabolisms

July 2021
A workshop exploring the way in which we might disorganise our relationship to capitalism through our tummys

Breadcrumbs in the Forest (Food Art Research Network)

July 2021
"Can we disorganise our relationship to capitalism through our metabolisms?"

Water Bodies Nourishment

March 2021
As part of MUMA's Tree Story exhibition we held a long conversation about a nearby swamp

Curating with Nature Talk with José Roca

Wednesday 31 March, 1pm
Curating with Nature, Form x Content Talk

The Ends of the Anthropocene

‘The Ends of the Anthropocene’, Sight Unseen, Forthcoming

Speculative Landscapes

A collective project exploring the Folkestone Warren

Daylight: Support Systems

October 2018
Introductory text to collaborative newspaper project: Daylight

The Ash Project

A collective Public Art memorial project with Kent Downs AONB


October 2018
Rewriting the archive with womxn and activists

Dedications to Gravity

September 2018
Writing features in the (States of) Wake publication

Scribe: Spill Festival

October 2016
Collecting writen reflections on the edges of the Spill festival