only ever almost there

November 2018 - February 2019
Artist: Amy Sharrocks, Lighting: Marty Langthorne, Sound: Tom Hackley

Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum

The first major survey of the work of sculptor, photographer and live artist Amy Sharrocks, showing works from over a decade of attention, conversations and exchange.

For many years Sharrocks has investigated the architecture of  collaborative moments. In this exhibition we brought together a significant body of her artworks, exploring the elusive qualities of live art, tracing temporalities that slip through our fingers like water, examining glimpses of connection between each other and the natural world. Sharrocks often makes artworks that are ephemeral and intangible, works that only just stand up, that float, fall over, evaporate or are just barely there. Works that depend on you to make them. Exploring worlds through molecules, decibels, photons, ink traces, muddy prints and bytes, she is pressing for new criteria for care, trying to imagine alternative systems of support, looking for new ways to listen. only ever almost there reflects on these tender possibilities of existence.

Together with the artist we worked with Leamington Spa Museum & Art Gallery to re-hang artworks in the main collection in order to forefront the water marks, drawing out traces of water that are present across the collection but often go unnoticed.

Curated by Madeleine Collie with institutional support from curator Alice Swatton