Curating with Nature Talk with José Roca

Wednesday 31 March, 1pm
with José Roca and Madeleine Collie

Form x Content presented by MUMA and Monash University Art Design and Architecture

For the fourth event in the Monash Art, Design and Architecture / MUMA Form x Content series, José Roca discusses the importance of sustainability and collaboration within artistic and curatorial practice. He introduces his long term project, FLORA ars+natura, which informed his initial provocations for the 23rd Biennale of Sydney, scheduled to open in 2022.

Within the context of the Biennale, Roca and his curatorium of local curators will expand on themes of extinction and regeneration, with ideas of sustainability and collaboration being integral to the working methods and practices that the Biennale will platform. In addition, Roca reflects on the temporalities of the biennale timeframe and long-term artistic projects, proposing ways of instigating new and regenerating existing artistic relationships of the Biennale’s past.

In 2022 Roca will present the 23rd Biennale of Sydney along with a team of curators – the Curatorium – who represent the Biennale of Sydney’s core exhibition partners including: Paschal Daantos Berry, Head of Learning and Participation, Art Gallery of New South Wales; Anna Davis, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia; Hannah Donnelly, Producer, First Nations Programs, Information + Cultural Exchange (I.C.E.) and Talia Linz, Curator, Artspace.