Disorganising Metabolisms

July 2021
with Meenakshi Thirukode

School of Instituting Otherwise and the Food Art Research Network collaborated on this workshop to explore economies that foster circularity, interdependence. Economies that establish bio-culturally diverse principles circumventing capitalist paradigms of risk and profit.

In this workshop we explored how artist led economies are re-imagining collective health in a metabolic relationship to the earth/soil/gut biome. The workshop was a 2 hour event that began with a mapping exercise shared by researcher and methodologist Linda Knight who led us in an exercise mapping our mouths while we were eating. Meenakshi and I shared some insights from the diverse projects that we had been speaking to as part of our project to map and outline artist led economic models that centre a more holistic relationship to the earth and that explore food as a collective resource, beginning wth Cocina Collaboratorio, Murnong Mummas, Tenacious Bee Collective, Company Drinks, Manthithoppu Milk Coperative Society. We shared some texts and readings by Jason W. Moore on the metabolism of humans on the earth and we looked at the Iceburg principles that have captured the imaginations of many artists led projects interested in establishing diverse economies for artists.

‘We want a system that puts care based labour at the core of an entangled more-than-human biosphere. A system that is relational, seeks balance, fosters circularity, pleasure, and is emotionally intelligent.We want an economy that is shaped by hands in the soil—an economy that is led by practice, facilitated by those who are best positioned to design the production and distribution flows in a remaking of worlds and our more-than-human relations.’ MSE 2020, Contagion Syllabus

Thursday 29 July 2021

Online via Zoom

7 – 9.30pm

Event information here.